Mesentech is a company focused on treating diseases and medical conditions that relate to bone. We are generating a series of products, from different, but complementary approaches that will effectively address currently difficult to treat conditions.

Bone can be one of the most difficult organs to access and treat with medicines. It’s hard surface and low porosity presents challenges in adequately getting drugs to either the bone surface or to its interior. Treatment often requires administering high doses of a drug over extended periods. Not only is achievement of efficacy compromised, but also side- effects may be more prevalent and can limit treatment effectiveness.

Mesentech’s lead technology is a proprietary bone targeting system that can effectively deliver small-molecule and biological drugs to the surface or to the interior of bone. Pre-clinical in-vivo models have confirmed the utility of this technology.

Mesentech’s bone targeting technology allows for the development of multiple products across a wide-range of clinical conditions, from bone regeneration, to treatment of bone infections and cancers within bone.

As the Mesentech bone targeting technology can deliver known compounds, the development and regulatory timelines for certain products could be significantly shorter than would be the case for new chemical entities, thus offering the potential to provide benefit, build value quickly and generate early revenues.

Mesentech is also developing other technologies and approaches to treating bone diseases. This includes a novel approach involving gene regulation to stimulate bone growth.