Dental Implants are a procedure of growing popularity whereby a  prosthetic tooth is attached directly to a metal post that is screwed into the upper or  lower jaw bone. The post will become surrounded by new bone growth and will support a close to nature prosthetic tooth.

To provide an effective implant osseointegration is required. This is a  biological process whereby the bone of the jaw grows around and  integrates with the post (usually titanium) that will hold the prosthesis.

The time taken for this to occur and for the implant to be secure will vary in  accordance with the amount of bone already present, the need to generate  new bone growth and/or the speed with which osseointegration takes place.

Where a tooth has been missing for some time the jaw bone at that point may have receded such that there is insufficient bone present to hold the  post. In this case bone grafting will be required. Even where the implant  procedure may follow on from tooth extraction, a period of time is required  for osseointegration to occur and new bone to be formed to hold the  implant in place.

A therapy that can stimulate and speed up osseointegration would  significantly shorten the time in which a prosthetic tooth can either be implanted  and/or become secure.

Mesentech’s technology is being developed to bring proteins (i.e. growth factors) directly  to the bone cavity and shorten bone growth time such that  osseointegration can occur more rapidly and stability of the implant be  achieved in a shorter period of time and with an overall reduced level of failure.